11 May 2009

Would anybody like this?

This came as part of a swap the other day. As far as I can see it's a little kit for making your own wind chime. It looks like you could personalise it alot and it could be quite cute. The only thing is that I have no drill, or any desire to have a drill at the moment. And it seems like you'd need one. And if I did hang this inside, the cat's heads would probably explode with all of the dangly-ness. And if I hung it outside the chiming would probably keep me up all night.

In short, not my kind of thing. So if you'd like this, just leave a comment and who ever is first I'll email you for your address and pop it in the post this week!


1 comment:

Katy said...

ooooo i would love it - i have a dremel (perfect for drilling little holes). i could do you a swap!