16 May 2009

Saturday Shopping List

Pincushion Edition

1. Pincushion Ring
Love Pincushion
3. Oh So Pretty Orchid Bird Pincushion
4.Little Pink Polkadot Gourd

What are we all doing this weekend? I'm going to the Camberwell Market again for a impromptu weekend Brown Owls meet. I think that I'll drive there and then head over to Ikea after that. I haven't been there for ages, so I'm looking forward to that!



Christina Lowry said...

Danger, danger...
When I went to Ikea last weekend, I spent more than double the dollars I had been allocated!
Then again, my husband was at the football on a day that was not only mothers day, but our wedding anniversary!
PS. The $39 BILLY shelves that I brought are great! My fabric is loving them...
I also got lots of those cool storage boxes, a shelf for the wall of the nursery, a peeler and grater for the kitchen and... :)

Selina said...

love that little pincushion ring! how cute is that?!