14 August 2009


To make a long story short, we decided a couple of weeks ago to move to a new house and I've taken on a lot more responsibility at work. Between the two I'm waaaay too tired to blog of a night. But now we've found a new place (that's it above) and I' settling in at work, expect a return to the usual programming!

Also, it's less than a week until I go to Sydney. I'm super pumped to be helping out at the show, and since I've spent all my money getting a new house expect lots of inspiration pictures and no pictures of things that I've bought!

One last thing. The new house has a sun room, and it's going to be all mine! So we're starting the move on the 26th, so be expecting My Creative Space to get good and interesting after that. I have been making things too. I'll try to get some photos up in between the packing this weekend.

- Jemma

04 August 2009

My celebrity crush.

Is a middle aged, potty mouthed, out of shape former chef. I really think that you should take the hour to watch this. I'm in love with Anthony Bourdain. And I think you should be too!

I loved how I am still able to learn things about Australia. My favourite from the episode include, seeing Anthony eating a sausage roll, Sydney Road, trams and the fact that it's all in Victoia! I hope you enjoy it.

- Jemma