30 September 2008

Share Your Stash

After some minor technical difficulties (my camera battery going flat). Here is my first installment of "Share your Stash".


This very pretty fabric was acquired on my last weekend op shop visit. And I love it! It's so bold, fun, pineapples!

Just to prove this isn't a cartoon, here's a picture of it scruched a little bit :)


I'm thinking that I want to make a big floppy clutch with it. Wouldn't that look cute with a really plain LBD?

Um, Yes!

- Jemma

29 September 2008

My Kitty

Just decided that since she's the namesake, there should be more photos of her.

Boxed Kitty

She's just trying out a new box in the house to see if it's for her!

- Jemma

My Little Purse

This a little bag/clutch purse thing that I made the other week. Again from the wonderful Bend the Rules Sewing.


It was an adventure in lining, but I think that it worked out good.


I originally made it to put my makeup brushes in. But I made a mistake when I was cutting the fabric and it was too small. But after I finished I found that it fits my DS and iPod perfectly!


So it all worked out great and I have a little case for my gadgets in my handbag.

Hope you like.

And, here's a little preview of something that I've been working on.



26 September 2008

My Chicken Soup

Soup, originally uploaded by jljorna.

This is a recipe that I got from many different places on the web etc, and pretty much made up from all of those in the end. I made it when my boyfriend was on deaths door with some terrible flu/tonsilitis thing, although he was pretty much better by the time I finally got around to making it :) It's super easy to make!


2 Onions
2 Really big Carrots
1/2 Bunch of Celerly
2 Marylands (or 4 drumsticks or 4 chicken thighs on the bone)
Bay leaf
Chicken Stock ( I used 10 cups to cover everything and have a enough liguid for the broth)
Rice or 2 minute noodles

Dice the onions, carrots and celery finely (1cm pieces or less) and chuck them in a big pot, take the skin off the chicken and put this in the pot too.
Cover this all with the chicken stock, I make all the liquid chicken stock, but you can make it half and half or whatever combo you like. You might find it a bit salty with all that chicken stock, I think it's fine though. Throw in the bay leaf and bring it all to the boil. Once it's boiling, turn it down and leave it to simmer for minimum of an hour. Maximum of however long you want really.

Take the chicken bits out and rip all the meat off the bones. Cut it up as rough or fine as you'd like, then return it to the pot. Put in your noodles or rice and choped parsley, and bring to the boil again until the noodles or rice are cooked. Then it's done!

It's really good for freezing in individual portions for later too.

Hope you like it.

- Jemma

23 September 2008

Beau's Quilt

Here are some pictures of my first ever quilt! It's going to be a Christmas present for my nephew Beau. When he gets it he'll be just a few days shy of 1 year old.
The pattern and instructions are from Amy Karol's "Bend the Rules Sewing". I didn't really follow a pattern or anything like that. I just read her instructions and then made it pretty much the same, but to my own sizes. A.K.A Random. I just made enough of the strips until it looked right to me layed out.

The part that I had the most trouble with was the binding. But that was mostly because the ironing was so damn boring! And it was a struggle to pin it all on and do the corners since I was pretty much just winging it.

I like how it's turned out. Wrinkles and all, I'm just so proud of it! My very mean boyfriend told me that it was a bit gay, because there's flowers on it. But I think that it's just right for a baby. And I've had other unbiased opinions telling me that it's fine. He's just jealous of my talents! (And the fact that I still haven't made him a single thing since getting my sewing machine 4 months ago)

And lastly, just because she's the namesake of the blog, here's a picture of Amity with the quilt in my very messy lounge/sewing room.

- Jemma

22 September 2008

My Sister

, originally uploaded by jljorna.

My sister has just started her blog too!
And everyone should read!

The Crafty Librarian

She's a real librarian and everything.


Here we go again....

Once again I find myself writing a first blog post.

Hi my name is Jemma and I’m a serial blog starter. Ha!

Hopefully this one will take, I have found a nice little community that I want to be a part of and having my own craft blog is a key step it seems!

Just a quick one to say that I’ve just gotten a tweenie pass for the next Brown Owls meeting, and I’m very nervous. I sent Pip from meet me at mikes a very nerdy email asking what to expect etc and deep in my geeky heart, I hope she replies. And luckily for me my sister is down from Sydney at the right time, so she can come and be a helpful influence in me actually talking to people.

I’ll start putting up photos of things soon, and hopefully do some regular post. I put a coat of white paint on a box this weekend to make my own little studio to take photos of small things with some nice lighting.

Will be back soon I hope, recipes maybe? Pictures of my canisters? Photos of Amity?

- Jemma