17 May 2009

Camberwell Market and IKEA today.

Lots of pictures today, isn't that nice? I love picture heavy posts the most. Anyway, I met up with some Brown Owls girls today at the Camberwell market and had a nice little shop. I spent way too much money, but got a lot of good things. So it's all worth it in the grand scheme of things I think. So, I was very adventurous and decided to drive today. That way I could pop over to IKEA afterwards. Clever right? And I only had to do 3 U-Turns! Now, let's make with the pictures.
A nice old radio, some pretty tins and a whimsical vintage KFC Bucket

Did you know that I love coloured glass? I have intentions of having a coloured glass collection, but apparently I have some expensive taste where that's concerned.

IKEA had some awesome wallpaper today.

More wallpaper

I took this photo because it reminded me of Rebecca!

Do you remember these? I did them in primary school, you put the beads on a little peg board thing and then iron over them to make a little molded plastic thing. I've seen them made into some very cute pendants. I think the brand name is Perler Beads?
A really good tea cosie.

Some of my loot from the market and IKEA. The fabric on the left is to make a bag from the book, on the right is some excellent birdie fabric, a salt pig, some new canisters from the collection, some really cute IKEA animal fabric screaming to be appliqued, some wool for a pressie for my brother, some IKEA tea towels from embroidery and a cork board. Isn't just inspiring to see it all blank like that? Yes it is!

Another loot item. My mum said that this is what people used to wear in hospital when they were having babies. I said that it'd look totally cool over a white t-shirt and some skinny jeans.

Detail on the over shirt. It's really much prettier in real life.

Another shirt. This one's pajamas too. It's got some beautiful embroidery on it. I forgot to take a close up though!

Anyway, that was my busy, busy day. I was gone from 7.00 am until 2.00 pm. I think I'll be going to bed early tonight. Leave a comment and tell me what you did this weekend? I'll read them all and see which is the most interesting and then I'll send that person a little surprise present. Ok?! Fun.

- Jemma


beccasauras said...

How funny, I went to IKEA too- SNAP! I was the one having a meltdown halfway through haha. I got great stuff in the bargain area, will post pics tonight and link back to your post. I din't buy those beads, but bought the templates, as my little one loves them.

SewHum said...

I love Camberwell Market! Wish I could get there more often

ArtMind said...

I love flee markets and posts with lots of pictures! :)
It was a very rainy weekend in Belgium and since my partner had guided tours in the limestone caverns, I stayed home and worked a bit. I made a fun tutorial for my blog (check it out :)) and I ahum cleaned my very messy workspace. :)

Leah said...

I wanted to come to the Market, but I decided I would do brown Owls Monday night, now I cant do either....im sick. Glad to see you had fun! Great idea to do Ikea too.

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

I love markets and deals! My weekend has been pretty uneventful though. I have to work both Saturday and Sunday. I did get in a little thrift shopping though. Picked up some craft books and some fabric remnants. I did get another 35 nine patches done for a quilt-a-long :)

Princess kirstie jane said...

Bit sad I didn't come along, thanks for posting your pics. I love your treasures and the mix of preloved and Ikea is just about perfect. That birdie fabric looks like a great find. I took visiting friends on their first Ikea visit recently. they loved! it.
My weekend was around my family, starting with a proper date on Friday it just got better, clothes shopping with the second born, food shopping with the first born, walks with the husband, a little bit of crafting and web cam chat with overseas birthday sis. Fantastic

Flickettysplits said...

Heh heh, you already know what I did this weekend ... I bought far too much fabric in Sydney and had to smuggle it home on the plane along with my gorgeous apothecary jar!! Isn't the jar great? It stands about 40 centimetres high, but at the shop my friend got it from there are LOADS of different sizes and shapes, and some really big ones. I think Provincial Living here in Melbouren (at DFO Essendon) have some similar jars but they might not be *quite* as nice as the ones in this shop in Sydney .....

Cindy said...

I am so bummed I couldn't make it, little people had to omany snuffles to make it out in the cold that morning. Then the arvo was an intro to children's party's for 5 -year olds. SCARY STUFF!!

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