15 May 2009

Internet Shopping.

It's doing funny things to me. Making me forget that there are other ways to get things that I want. It's not all about googling the afternoon away and then never finding what you want, because if it was just $5 dollars less. Surely there's another site that's selling it for cheaper right?

Well, I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was wanting a Wreck this Journal. I'd been looking and looking, umming and ahhing. Never going the whole way and plugging in my credit card details. Just not quite deciding 100%.

Today I went to the Dymocks Centre on Collins Street in Melbourne. I just didn't have anything else to do, thought that I could browse a few books. Get some inspiration. Maybe pick up a new classic. And lo, there it was sitting on the shelf. $17, a perfectly acceptable price, and even better on the inside than I imagined while starring at it vacantly through a monitor. So now I have one, and from where? A book store of course! Did you forget they existed too? Next thing you know I'll be buying my fabric from a store.

(I started mine already, having a chew on the front cover while waiting for the tram)


potty mouth mama said...

I do exactly the same. I always google and google to find something. Then 'pretend' shop, and then close it all down without buying. Exactly the same. That's awesome that you found one. What a score!

Cravings Frocks said...

That book looks amazing! Like a Roland Harvey book for grown-ups.

Princess kirstie jane said...

I love the 'store' experience. I guess I am an old fashioned girl who like to fondle before I buy. I saw that journal the other day, didn't have time to stop but briefly noted, thought must look again. It looks great. Have fun wrecking it.

c.raf.t said...

I use to spend the whole afternoon checking out shops(and sometimes buying), but with a small daughter, I suppose that internet is making things a lot easier!(even if I hate not touching befere buying...)

pepper said...

i've always looked at the journal too and ooooh, ahh umm. I'm going to get it RIGHT NOW!