30 March 2010

A question.

I know that this has been covered before in blogland. Extensively I would imagine. Let’s call it laziness but I’m going to ask the questions anyway.

What difference, if any, is there between buying a pattern, making the garment and then selling the finished product on and having someone else buy the pattern and materials, making the garment and then charging them for your dressmaking labour and is either of these ok?

I have a feeling that the first option would be a no-no. I seem to remember reading somewhere that if you do buy a dress pattern that the copyright is that you need to buy one pattern per dress you plan to make. So if you were to onsell the completed product, I can’t see that working really.

One more question. If either of the above two scenarios are ok, what implications are there when I want to use a vintage pattern that I paid 50c for?

I’m sure your advice is going to be great!


28 March 2010

Five Faves

Tonight. I am going to go see my favourite band. And I'm pretty damn excited. So, obviously they're first.

So if you hear fangirl screaming tonight in the vicinity of Melbourne. Don't worry, it's just me.

The next are 4 t.v. shows that I love that I think that you should be watching too! I watch a lot of t.v. Don't judge me.

Fringe, kind of like the X-Files. But with Joshua Jackson and better. I don't think I need to say more...

It's always sunny in Philadelphia. It's hilarious. If you ever get the chance to see it, make sure you wait till you've seen the second season before you pass judgement.

Community. If you've ever seen the Soup. You'll know how funny Joel McHale is.

Chuck. In it's 3rd season know, and I think it's just getting better!


24 March 2010

My Dad

Circa.... 1965 - 1970 somewhere? How old do you think he looks?


23 March 2010


How good is this?! For those of us who struggle to think of "boy" stuff to make.


22 March 2010

Another One.

From this...

To this...

Sorry for the horrible picture with the awkward smile. I'm working on my portrait taking since I plan on making more stuff now! So, cut me a little slack.

And a close up of the print since you can't see it so well in the picture. Like with the other one, little roomy in the bodice area. But I plan on making this one again too. So I'll try and fix it up next time around.


Hipstamatic Beau

Beau, originally uploaded by jljorna.

21 March 2010

Lumberjack Dress

From this....

To this...

It's turned out pretty well I think. It doesn't fit great, but I didn't alter the pattern at all. I really like the fabric, but mostly because of it's pattern. It's actually really thick and it doesn't sit great and it makes the collar a bit funny. I think that I'll definitely make another one, but use plain flannel. Even though there's limited colours to choose from I might be able to get some plain black or grey. For the next one I'll also be shortening the bodice to raise the waist and  maybe make the darts a bit bigger too.


- Jemma

Five Faves

1. Hoverball Cat

2. My Built by Wendy books. I have all 3 now, and I love them all equally like they were my babies. 

Sew U

Sew U: Home Stretch

Built by Wendy Dresses

3. This picture is on made more hilarious by the fact that this isn't a Care Bears costume. It's a giant Care Bear that someone has hollowed out and stuffed their baby in.

4. Baby wrestling cat.

5. Buffalo Check. It's a pattern that I'm digging at the moment. I like it for anything! 

In case you were wondering what this is all about head over to Pip's and read up on her new meme and maybe even join in!

- Jemma

In case you were wondering what all of this was about. Head over to Pip's and read up on her new meme and join in if you'd like!


16 March 2010

What did you do this weekend?

I did this. My dad made me a garden box last week, what a nice dad! Theoretically we should be able to take the box with us if we have to move again, since we're renting. Gold star to whoever can guess all six of the different herbs I planted.

So, what did you do this weekend?

- Jemma

11 March 2010

A New Start.

my shiny new boots.

So, when I say that I'm going to be back soon I guess you can take that as six months. Minimum. Oops.

At least I have some excuses. I swear.

Moved house (as you know)
Change roles totally within my job.
Got a new job.
Quit my old one.
Been sick. 
Been tired.
Had enough of 2009, well and truly.
Lost someone.
Lots of  bad news. 
Settled in at a new house.
Kept going with dressmaking class. 
Working on me time, as lame as that sounds.
Still making, just not as much, or in the same ways.

I won't say again that I'll be back soon with the normal posts of old days, because I tried that already. So I'll just say, see you soon.