13 May 2009

Op Shopping

Today I'm home, sick from work. I've been feeling really run down, so I took the day and had a nice sleep in for a change. I was feeling a lot better this afternoon so I went to a few Op Shops that I don't normally get a chance to go to because they close too early for me to get there on a Saturday.

Here's the goods!

First row left to right:
1. What some people in my family would refer to as a "Cosby Sweater", what I like to call well fitting and comfy. And $3.
2. Box Jellyfish Plushie. Can you believe that I got this in an Op Shop and it had an etsy store tag on it? www.jellibat.etsy.com
3. Some pillow cases and fabrics. I got some very nice raw silky stuff, some tracky material and some cottony baby prints. I really love the pillow case with the hand drawn style kitty print.
4. A cute little sewing basket

Second row:
1. An awesome 70's table cloth
2. This is a doona cover, it seems like it was made to be used as panels. Aprons I think?
3. Back of the doona cover. Nice chocolaty brown that will be used for something good too.
4. I actually got this table cloth ages ago, but it was from the same store as the one above. I think they're cousins. Same size and shape and I think the same material.

Bought anything good recently?



bubbachenille said...

great finds for sure !

Cravings Frocks said...

I went to Savers last week for the first time in (nearly) forever to buy a Barbie, but instead I bought some cords for my baby boy and a Fisher Price push-along thingy. $4 each!

I'm new to craft blogging and found you through CurlyPops. I've got a making-friends giveaway on my blog this week if you'd like to check it out. :-)

Christina Lowry said...

I just posted a couple of my finds from yesterday! We should make a meme about things found at op-shops. I would have hundreds of things to post about!
PS. I love your sewing box! Have you seen the prices of them on ebay?!

Anonymous said...

oh what a great haul you have there! I am a little bit jealous of the sewing basket! I have actually heard of that Etsy store, how amazing someone would get rid of it! glad it went to a good home