22 May 2009

Why yes, that is a belted flannel I'm wearing.

Thanks for asking! I finished my tote from the Mike's book tonight. I really like it. But for some reason when I saw the picture in the book I thought that it was hand bag sized? Much bigger than this? I think I just imagined it. Regardless, I'm happy with how this turned out. I really love this fabric. So that probably helps!

Since the pattern for this bag is pretty much all rectangles I can see myself making another, supersized version of this later. I originally intended for it to be a knitting bag. But I don't think it'll fit much. Oh well.

Any exciting plans for the weekend?



Katy said...

Loving your accessorised Flanny!!

I'm just sewing and still trying to make a non-spaz looking granny square.

Have a good weekend :-)

Tweed Delights said...

Fab handbag - the print is lovely too. Hope you get your inspiration back :)

Jenaveve said...

Love a good flannie, spesh with a belt :)

Hmm... this bag is pretty ace too. I do like that fabric you've used and I can see you making many more if they turn out as good as this one. Nice work!

PS I just followed your blog... I don't know why but I thought I'd done it some time ago?? I can never tell because I read most blogs through an RSS feeder. Love them!

Christina Lowry said...

Maybe a little knitting project? :)

Bag looks great, although I don't think it matches your flannie. Maybe you could make a bag out of a flannie?! Who wouldn't love that?

Bird Bath said...

the bag is excellent! good choice of fabric and I like the size of it.

I also like that it's flannel weather. Nice to cosy up in.