12 November 2010


As I've started to get more into crochet and better at it. I'm finding myself carrying around more and more balls of wool. I've been on the lookout for a knitting bag, but everthing that I've come across is just blah. Aimed at old ladies, boring or just not what I want.

So, suggestions please...! Either bags themselves or patterns whichever. The only prerequistite is that I want to be able to sling it over my arm, so no short handles!


04 November 2010

My Creative Space

Wow, it's been a while. But here we are. I'm working on this crochet ripple throw for the new house when we buy a nice couch (Not the hand me downs we've always had). I'm imagining the couch to be a charcoaly grey colour. So hopefully this goes well.

Also a new toy. It's a flip camera, so watch this space for some funny puppy videos once I work out how to use it!

Check out all the other players at Kootoyoo as always.

- Jemma

03 November 2010

32. Donate blood for the first time.

Look what I did on Monday!

It was much less scary than I thought it was going to be. And none of the problems I was worried about happened (my iron being too low, travel, being rejected because of my back operation).

It all went very smoothly I think. I won't lie, it did hurt but it was nothing that I couldn't handle and it's all over fairly quickly. So no big deal.

One tip, don't get cocky about how well you're doing. Then don't only sit down for a few minutes after instead of the recommended 15. You will nearly faint and then have to lie down on the couch for 30 minutes in front of everyone and look like a huge dork.... That was pretty embarrassing.

So make sure you go to www.donateblood.com and make an appointment! It's really easy and you get free chocolate milk and cookies after. There is no downside.

- Jemma

01 November 2010


Now, before I go ahead and tell you who's won the adorable Artemer. I'd first like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came and looked at the blog and entered to competition. It was very nice to see all of the new people, look at your blogs and say hi! It's all been a little bit humbling really.

And I have to say thanks to Amy. I liked her enough beforehand, but now with all of the niceness she's shown me on top of everything, it's become a full blown girl crush (which my sister shares).

So pretty much, thank you to everyone!

Now the good stuff (with drum roll) the winner is.....

Jeanette is very lucky, she entered on the last day and was the third last commenter! Maybe you should go check out her lovely blog and have some of her luck rub off on you?

I hope everyone has had as much fun as me this Blogtober, and I hope to see you all around here more!


28 October 2010

Look what I got today! - Day 28

I haven't had much chance to have a good look yet. But it's very promising. There's very cute dresses that I was surprised about and I'm planning to make.

Have you got yours yet?


**Edited to actually add the photo, blogging from my iPhone still has hiccups apparently**


Testing blogging from my phone.

27 October 2010

Look who's here! - Day 27

Artamer has arrived safely, you'll be happy to know. I carefully unwrapped him for a quick cuddle and a few photos while the sun was still out.

Let me tell you, he's just as handsome in person and more squishy that you've even imagined.

If you haven't already entered the giveaway. Make sure you don't miss out! There's only 4 more days to enter and the competition is stiff.
But hey, even if you don't win I'm sure Artamer has some pretty brothers and sisters that you could have for your own. Maybe go look at Amy's shop and while you're there look at her amazing fabric. (Which is always speedily delivered)

Happy blogging!


101 Things - Day 27

Wow, I don't think flattered is a big enough word to cover it. So I'll just say hello and welcome to everyone that's been sent over here from Amy's place!

On a sadder note. I've missed 2 days of Blogtoberfest, so I guess I'm not crossing number 27 off my list this month. Fingers crossed for next month though....

While I have you all here I'm looking for help with number 64. Read 10 books that people have recommended for me.

So, suggest away please? I'll read pretty much anything, but for this excercise let's at least make sure they're novels ok?

(And for anyone that's come here in the last few days and has said they're wanting to make a 101 in 1001 list, please, please, please let me know. I can't wait to read them!)


24 October 2010

Oh no - Day 24

We appear to have use our whole 160gb internet limit for the month (don't ask).

I'll try and get through the last few days of Blogtober at work..... Fingers crossed!


23 October 2010

Spring Racing - Day 23

Found Here

I made a facinator today to wear to cup day. But I left it too late to take a photo, and now it's too dark. This one's prettier anyway. Too bad it would clash horribly with my hair...


22 October 2010

Winner! And Final Countdown Giveaway - Day 22

Damien pressed the button and out popped number 6. Mystica, sorry I don't know your real name. So please email me your address and I'll send your prize along!

Now, for the new giveaway! I've purchased the lovely Artamer from the lovely Amy (who refunded my shipping when I told her this was for a giveaway, isnt' that nice.)

So, he could be yours! 

I decided not to force you to work hard for the money. So, just comment and you're in the draw! Blog, or Tweet about it and let me know and you'll get another entry. 

How can you resists his adorable face?!

I'll draw the winner on the night of the 31st as a send of for Blogtober!


21 October 2010

Don't forget the giveaway! - Day 21

Here's a sneak peak of the giveaway I'll be starting tomorrow for the last week of Blogtoberfest. I haven't decided rules yet, but you may be in for some work for you giveaway. Maybe!

The lovely brooch arrived in the mail this morning. It's even better up close and personal, so don't forget to enter the giveaway while you still can. I'll be choosing the winner at 5 ish tomorrow night.


20 October 2010

3. Organise my kitchen - Day 20

Obviously an interim step until the big move. But a step none the less! 

Hoping you can tell the difference between the before and after shots. 


18 October 2010

Saddicus - Day 18

He's had "the snip" today and is feeling a little tired and emotional.


17 October 2010

6. Get good at crochet - Day 17

Look! I rippled! It was much easier than I thought it would be too. So I really recommend giving it a try.

I found a really great tutorial here that I used that broke the steps down so they were really easy.  So you should go have a look and try it out! It's very relaxing in its repetition!


16 October 2010

15 October 2010

Tagxedo - Day 15

Word cloud of my blog from www.tagxedo.com, idea stolen from my well informed sister.

Cool, eh?


14 October 2010

Blog vs. Real Giveaway - Day 14

I've just ordered this from the edward and lilly made it store as the prize for this giveaway. I already own a brooch of my own and it's very cute so I thought I'd share one with one of you.

And now, the challenge. I know that I am really different in real life than most people would think I am from reading this blog. For one thing, I swear like a sailor. I'm not nearly as politely spoken day to day. And I say cool a lot. But the main thing that people are amazed to learn about me is that I love music. Specifically the louder, angrier and faster the better. 

I love punk and metal and hardcore and post hardcore and any other kind of core you can think of. Going to a concerts and dancing and shoving and jumping is one of my favourite things to do in the world, even more than making! 

So there you go. What's your bloggy secret? Your secret personality quirk, your thing that someone would never guess you loved? Answer in the comments and each answer is one entry. Extra entries for mentioning the giveaway on your blog. 

**Winner will be picked at random next Friday the 22nd and I'll also announce another giveaway that day too for the last week of the wonderful blogtoberfest!**

Have fun!


(make sure you let me know if you mention this on your blog)

13 October 2010

Self Portrait Day - 13 Day

A photo session sitting on my bed. It took about 20 minutes to get a photo that didn't look ridiculous. I wasn't entirely sucessfull and may have gotten cranky.

Go search for other self portraits at Cathie's. It's fun, yeah!


(Hand on the head is from a fringe that wouldn't sit flat)

12 October 2010

Banksy - Day 12


This is great! I do kind of wonder what the Simpsons creators thought they were doing though?


11 October 2010

Victoria Mason - Day 11

Damien got me these for my birthday. They're 3 seperate rings, but I always wear them together. Because they're so cute!

You should definately buy things from Victoria Mason. She makes lovely things, and she's super nice to boot! When Damien got me these she let him come in to her studio and sized them for him off one of my other rings. Sweet huh?

- Jemma
(Why are photos of hands always so icky?!)

10 October 2010

Decorating - Day 10

Me and Damien both have the lurgy. Fevers, blocked noses, sinus headaches. The worst. So here are some pretty pictures for decorating and arranging my new sewing space when we move.  


09 October 2010

Finders Keepers - Day 9

Today Damien very kindly agreed to go to finders keepers with me, which was nice since he knew in advance it was a craft market....

He was pretty bored until he saw the shiny cuff link store. That cheered him up a bit... He couldn't buy any though since he didn't bring any cash thinking it would all be crochet blankets and crazy old ladies...

I got myself the lovely frankie calendar and some Victoria Mason earrings. They're little apples!

For the rest of our day we went to Costco which was in a word, awesome! I think I died and went to heaven a little. I didn't know washing powder came in 9kg packs?!

(2 days in a row of nearly missing blogtoberfest... I'm slipping....)


08 October 2010

Alec Baldwin - Day 8

This is one of my cats. He's named for Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock (if you've ever seen it) and he's modeling a legwarmer I made that didn't turn out how I wanted it to.

What's something that you've made that didn't turn our right? And what did you do with it after?

- Jemma 

07 October 2010

32. Donate blood for the first time - Day 7

Did you know that you can make an appointment to donate blood in about 5 minutes. Go too www.donateblood.com.au and you'll see your local centres, and can make the appointment online.

I haven't actually gone in for the donation yet. My booking is for the 1st of November, and I'm pretty terrified. But I know that it's an excellent thing to do. Especially us Jorna's, we're bleeders. I might be like my dad too, the very special universal donor. His blood goes in a special section. Fancy right ?


06 October 2010

05 October 2010

All partied out.

We took Atticus to a BBQ at our friends house on Sunday. He was sleepy.


40. Clean my linen closet - Day 5

Yet another list item that works in nicely with the pre move clean out. It looks so messy because I also had clothes overflowing in there from my closet and drawers. 

This makes it look like I have a sadly small amount of linen. But we do only have one bed. The new house is going to have the first spare bedroom we've ever had! Somewhere for Jess to stay while she's here.


04 October 2010

Spring cleaning - Day 4

In preperation for the move we've started the clean out.

This is our freezer as it was yesterday morning. And yes I am ashamed. One of us had left the door ajar a little while back, and not notice for a week or so. When I went back after I was faced with something similar to this, but not as bad. We then forgot about it and I went and had a look last week and saw this....

We have the problem that the freezer is wedged in a space and the washing machine blocks it in. So we couldn't get it out without moving the washing machine too. That's a lot of effort really.

Anyway, after a big morning of moving things to the nature strip for hard rubbish, and walking around car city for about an hour I tackled this.

I have to say, it was heaps of fun! I spent about 2 hours just laying into with a bar-b-mate (big heavy spatula). It was a nice warm day, so the flying ice wasn't annoying it was amusing! I reckon I could have even gotten some small nephews to find the joy in it.

Now we have a freezer that's not going to be used till the first weekend of December, since there's no point filling it up before we move. But still a job well done.

- Jemma

03 October 2010

6. Get better at crochet - Day 3

My first step in this list item is that I've enrolled in crochet class at Spotlight. I've just had my first of 4 classes, and I can already see improvement.

I'd been taught to make granny squares at Brown Owls about 2 years ago, but never progressed beyond that really. I could never make a sampler that had even sides for example. It's hard to make non wonky sides when crocheting! For me anyway....

The picture is a granny square that I made in the last 15 minutes of the class (poorly) that my teacher did a cool border on. She had a funny name for it, but I can't remember...


Are you blogtoberfesting? Go check it out over at Cathie's

02 October 2010

101 in 1001

Just a quick note to let you know that I've decided to use Blogtoberfest as a platform to kick start my life list of doing these 101 things in 1001 day. Not sure how many days I've gone through yet and I've already done NOTHING

Anything from my 101 list is going to be put into a Mighty Life List. So even if it's not done in the 2 1/2 (ish) years. It will be done!

Have you made a list? I think you should, it's fun to make the list even if you don't think you'll really be doing it all...


48. Buy a house - Day 2

One more set of papers to sign and this house will be ours. It's in Belgrave for those Victorians who know the area and we can hear the puffing billy go past from our back yard.

500m walk one way to a local pool, 500m the other to the local footy ground. In the middle of a triangle of 3 national parks.

Sounds good, huh?

Any moving tips you wish to share? Also, expect a "Cleaning out the house to move" giveaway in a few Friday's time.


30 September 2010

Help? Or, Blogtober Fest Day One!

My first post is a call for help.

Are you doing Softies for Mirabel this year? I want to, but I really want to do something more this year too.

That's where you all come in. I'm hoping, thinking, looking into hiring or using a space this year to have a little class and show some people who are interested in it how to make softies. But I have no idea where to start. I was thinking a first step might be Spotlight? They have sewing machines there, the people know me sort of because I go to class there every Saturday and it's a well known place.

But, what do you think? Have you ever hired somewhere, or arranged a place for Brown Owls or something (free preferably)?

Suggestions would be great!


Thanks to the lovely Cathy!

08 September 2010

Super Quick. Super Tasty. Super Healthy.

-Put chicken in the steamer for about 10 minutes. Add the Chinese broccoli (choy sum) and then cook for another 5 minutes.

-Mix some oyster sauce and garlic and then add some boiling water to heat it up, just a splash. Pour the oyster sauce over the chicken and broccoli


This is my favourite dinner at the moment. If you buy chicken tenderloins you don't even have to waste any time cutting. So this literally takes 15 minutes fridge to belly. I love it!



I've clearly forgotten how to take photos properly.

Do you like Amy? I like Amy!

She's very clever and gives good tips. Like when she recommended a fabric guillotine, a.k.a my new favourite tool. It actually works too, which is pretty amazing! She's also very nice (in person and online).  

Not to mention her store. She sells very nice fabric! I brought this fabric from her to make my blankie. It's all wrinkly because I sleep with it every night. The back is very very soft fleece that I stole from my mum. Very warm. It's not quilted or anything, but I blanket stitched the whole outside by hand. So that's some points. I might hand tie it somewhere down the line too. It's a bit... mishapen by the morning.

So, go. See Amy!


07 September 2010

Baby Swiper

My new nephew that's coming in early October has been named Swiper (of Dora fame) by the oldest boy. That, or pinata...

This is a sneak peak of a quilt I'm making for him. It was going to be a present for being born successfully, but I've decided because of the amount of effort involved it's going to be for Christmas instead.

Pictured too, recommendation from Amy.


10. Go to the Americas

LA - Vancouver - NYC - Washington DC - San Diego - San Francisco - Vegas - LA

Trip planning is well and truly underway. We're going the last three weeks of July 2011 and I'm super excited!

First things to do include getting Damien a passport, working out the itinerary (so many places!), finding out about car rentals/trains/domestic flights in America and looking at Anthropologie catalogs online to see what I can buy.
I'm also going to stop eating between now and then so I can partake in things like the double down and the footlong cheeseburger! (Ew and eww)

Have you ever been to America? Any handy hints, or must sees?

- Jemma

06 September 2010

Hello, my name is....

So, I've been thinking about a name change for the blog.

Amityville was thought up in desperation when I first started and no other inspiration was coming. We'd just gotten our first ever pet, Amity, and it seemed like an easy choice.

Lately I haven't been liking it as much and I think it's kind of girly, or childish maybe.... Not to mention that I don't even live in Boronia anymore.

So, I've been thinking and thinking. But again, no inspiration... The one idea that I did have was "Failure by Design". It's a favourite song of mine and it happily reminds me of the Mythbusters motto "Failure is always an option" which I think is a good personal motto to have when you make things. Especially as an amateur. But is it maybe too.... Grim?

I'd love some suggestions! If you think of something that might be good, comment and I'll have a little giveaway too for everyone who suggests something. Just chosen at random, even if I don't go with any of the names suggested. Just a little incentive to have a think! The prize will just be a random little goody bag of some fabrics, trims and such.

So let me know what you think!

- Jemma

06 July 2010

AFI Top 100

I decided to use the 10th anniversary list as opposed to the original, just because there’s a more modern selection. I have crossed off the ones that I’ve already seen, no need to go again. But I’ve left off the ones that I know I’ve seen, but have no memory of. I know that I watched some like it hot with my mum in my primary school holidays once, funnily though I remember nothing about the plot. So watch it again I will!

4 RAGING BULL (1980)
9 VERTIGO (1958)
10 WIZARD OF OZ, THE (1939)
11 CITY LIGHTS (1931)
12 SEARCHERS, THE (1956)
13 STAR WARS (1977)
14 PSYCHO (1960)
15 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968)
16 SUNSET BLVD. (1950)
17 GRADUATE, THE (1967)
18 GENERAL, THE (1927)
21 CHINATOWN (1974)
22 SOME LIKE IT HOT (1959)
27 HIGH NOON (1952)
28 ALL ABOUT EVE (1950)
35 ANNIE HALL (1977)
41 KING KONG (1933)
45 SHANE (1953)
48 REAR WINDOW (1954)
52 TAXI DRIVER (1976)
53 DEER HUNTER, THE (1978)
54 M*A*S*H (1970)
56 JAWS (1975)
57 ROCKY (1976)
58 GOLD RUSH, THE (1925)
59 NASHVILLE (1975)
60 DUCK SOUP (1933)
63 CABARET (1972)
64 NETWORK (1976)
68 UNFORGIVEN (1992)
69 TOOTSIE (1982)
76 FORREST GUMP (1994)
78 MODERN TIMES (1936)
79 WILD BUNCH, THE (1969)
80 APARTMENT, THE (1960)
81 SPARTACUS (1960)
82 SUNRISE (1927)
83 TITANIC (1997)
84 EASY RIDER (1969)
86 PLATOON (1986)
87 12 ANGRY MEN (1957)
89 SIXTH SENSE, THE (1999)
90 SWING TIME (1936)
92 GOODFELLAS (1990)
94 PULP FICTION (1994)
97 BLADE RUNNER (1982)
99 TOY STORY (1995)
100 BEN-HUR (1959)

13 down, uh…. 87 to go…


05 July 2010

101 things in 1001 days

Idea from here.

But mostly inspired by this amazing lady. You really need to read her blog. Really, really. 

1. Get better at embroidery.

2. Learn about wines.

3. Organise my kitchen, throw out containers with no lids, make a special place for recipe books and throw out expired things.

4. See old friends, make new friends.

5. Learn to drive a manual car.

6. Get good at crochet.

7. Take portraits of my immediate family, frame and hang.

8. Bake fresh bread every week for 6 months.

9. Sell something in a store.

10. Go to the Americas

11. Do washing before I run out of clean clothes, not after.

12. Make something for charity.

13. Get better at Gocco.

14. Learn to do my hair and make-up really well.

15. Have my posters and prints framed and hang them.

16. Have my own business cards.

17. Collaborate on a project.

18. Walk the dog everyday for a least half an hour

19. Meet more bloggy people in person.

20. Don’t eat any refined sugar for a month.

21. Learn to make soap.

22. Do Pilates

23. Watch the top 100 AFI movies

24. Increase my typing speed.

25. Organise my sewing room really properly - not just big piles in a vague order

26. Throw more things out.

27. Post on my blog everyday for a month (at least)

28. Have a real garden

29. Get a tattoo

30. Finish all of my video games!

31. Have a market stall

32. Donate blood for the first time.

33. Bring my lunch to work at least twice a week.

34. Write a tutorial.

35. Have one of my nephews sleep over.

36. Get a manicure and pedicure.

37. Find out more about my family history.

38. Take more photos.

39. Put $50 a week in my savings account.

40. Clean my linen closet.

41. Make 5 quilts start to finish.

42. Wear more vintage clothes.

43. Alter a complicated patter without help

44. Spend more time outside.

45. Find a hat that compliments me.

46. Learn how to make real coffee.

47. Pay my bills on time.

48. Buy a house

49. Visit central Australia and Perth.

50. See more of my local area.

51. Appreciate my stamp albums and start collecting again.

52. Drink more fresh brewed tea

53. Learn a language

54. Eat at 10 new restaurants.

55. Cook 100 new recipes - at least 20 of which I think are too hard.

56. Take a road trip to Sydney

57. Take piano lessons

58. Make homebrew.

59. Learn to use Photoshop

60. Make my own balms and salves.

61. Teach someone a craft, who’s never done it before.

62. Take a short course at a TAFE - in anything

63. Display my collections.

64. Read 10 books that people have recommended to me. (Suggestions please)

65. Take a cooking class.

66. Learn how to fix my computer when it breaks.

67. Buy a big bookshelf and organise all of my books alphabetically.

68. Enter something into the Royal Melbourne show.

69. Go to the dentist. Gulp.

70. Buy a candy thermometer and use it.

71. Take a pattern making class.

72. Paint a room.

73. Go to a rugby game.

74. Register as an organ donor, and convince as many people as I can to do the same.

75. Have something for sale in a store.

76. Remember to take out the rubbish bins every week.

77. Learn knitting stitches other than knit and purl.

78. Don’t eat take out for a month. (Maybe two)

79. Perfect my pancake recipe

80. Make a dress from my own design

81. Get a clothes dryer of my very own!

82. Eat breakfast everyday for a year.

83. Go to Europe

84. See Damien graduate.

85. Make progress in my job.

86. Organise my fabric in colour order.

87. Don’t walk into anything for a week.

88. Have my own fully stocked tool box.

89. Take a defensive driving course

90. Meet my neighbors.

91. Buy a filing cabinet and have my papers in order.

92. Make all of my Christmas presents one year.

93. Learn to use my camera properly.

94. Don’t eat meat for a month.

95. Make my bed every day for a month, then realise I like it and keep doing it forever!

96. Have waffles for the first time

97. Support local businesses.

98. Make a really good book with all of my recipes. Not worrying about order or how it looks for once.

99. Get a lime tree.

100. Make a custom order, of anything.

101. See snow for the first time.

It's a lot to do in 3 years. Some will be easy, some I already know I won't do. But just having them on the list makes them more of a possibility.

You should make a list too. And if you do, you should post it. So I can see too, and we can inspire each other. If you make a list, leave the link below. 


*in no particular order*

27 June 2010


Also, I got a puppy.


First Blood....

**Sorry for the crappy photo, taken with my iPhone in poor light**

Or first gocco..... Whatever.

After first peeling off a large chunk of the emulsion on one screen thinking it as a special protective film I needed to remove before burning the screen and then trying to burn a screen that I had put in upside down and completely smooshing it, I had success!

After my first stupid mistakes and had my eureka moment and realised how dumb I was I got it right. I mean, the screen was obviously upside down and I of course shouldn't have had to jam it in a bend it to get it right. It's all very obvious...now...

Anyway, next mission is a good even application of the paint to get a better print. Any suggestions?


P.S. Did I mention that the iPhone that I took the photo with is a brand new one I got today after dropping my other one in the toilet? It still works fine, if you don't mind the fact that the speakers and main button don't work.... Let's just write that $795 off to a harsh but valuable lesson....

30 March 2010

A question.

I know that this has been covered before in blogland. Extensively I would imagine. Let’s call it laziness but I’m going to ask the questions anyway.

What difference, if any, is there between buying a pattern, making the garment and then selling the finished product on and having someone else buy the pattern and materials, making the garment and then charging them for your dressmaking labour and is either of these ok?

I have a feeling that the first option would be a no-no. I seem to remember reading somewhere that if you do buy a dress pattern that the copyright is that you need to buy one pattern per dress you plan to make. So if you were to onsell the completed product, I can’t see that working really.

One more question. If either of the above two scenarios are ok, what implications are there when I want to use a vintage pattern that I paid 50c for?

I’m sure your advice is going to be great!


28 March 2010

Five Faves

Tonight. I am going to go see my favourite band. And I'm pretty damn excited. So, obviously they're first.

So if you hear fangirl screaming tonight in the vicinity of Melbourne. Don't worry, it's just me.

The next are 4 t.v. shows that I love that I think that you should be watching too! I watch a lot of t.v. Don't judge me.

Fringe, kind of like the X-Files. But with Joshua Jackson and better. I don't think I need to say more...

It's always sunny in Philadelphia. It's hilarious. If you ever get the chance to see it, make sure you wait till you've seen the second season before you pass judgement.

Community. If you've ever seen the Soup. You'll know how funny Joel McHale is.

Chuck. In it's 3rd season know, and I think it's just getting better!