31 May 2009

Just a minute in May.


Stamps! As you've probably seen. And I finished my first piece of clothing in my dressmaking class. I'll put up some photos tomorrow when my internet is regular speed.


Lots of T.V. shows, while knitting in bed. It's been good knitting in bed weather. My current favourites are Dawson's Creek (I'm up to the last season on DVD. Sad!) and Fringe, which I only started watching today. It's really good!


Plane tickets. Maybe I'll see you in August?


Lots and lots and lots of packages. I finally sent out my pay it forwards, some stamps and as always lots of swaps.


Every day in May. I did it! WOOOOO!

Hope you all had a good May, I sure did. Very productive, eye opening, lots of hard work. And fun too!

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CurlyPops said...

Yippee for stamps!
I stole some paint cards from Bunnings today and came home and stamped CurlyPops all over them... lovely.

ArtMind said...

Love making stamps! Can't wait to see what you made in sewing class either!
Bet you don't come down to Belgium for a visit! LOL :)