04 May 2009

Just about ready to throw my Crochet hook down in defeat.

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I just don't get it. Knitting I get, that's easy. Crochet on the other hand is infuriating me to the point of having a tantrum! I suppose that's not entirely true, I can do the granny square. But there's only so many blankets that one small house needs, you know? And I alread have 3 doonas and a bunch of other blankets.

All I want in life is to be able to crochet myself some adoreable beanies in every colour of the rainbow. I'm not asking for the world here!

So, I'm turning to you. Do you have any sure fire tips? Hints or tricks that you use when crocheting? I'm up for anything. Really.



Amy (badskirt) said...

nono! don't throw the hook down! I'm not an expert, but my advice is to first google "magic ring"

it will teach you how to start out to make a nifty ring to crochet into instead of trying to start a circle in a small chain. Trust me, it will start you off much neater.

I say try a continuous spiral rather than joined rounds to start. it's much easier.

Round 1: start by doing about 6 single crochets (sc) into the ring and then pull it close to closed, but not too tight.

Round 2: now continue around the ring doing 2 single crochets (sc) in each stitch for a total of 12

Round 3: try doing 2sc in the first stitch, 1sc in the next and repeat that pattern for 18 stitches. from there, just practice adding and dropping stitches making a long tube.

it will seem pointless, but I did this to first master single crochet and spiralling. I think moved onto other stitches and switching colours. I ended up with a wacky jellyfish

also, USE CHEAP YARN. stiff acrylic is far easier to work with than soft yarns like bamboo or soy. I learned this the hardway. I should have read my book before shopping! Also try first using a bigger hook until you get the hand of it. I use a 3.50 and an 8 hook

hope this helps. email me if you want to know more!

Amy (badskirt) said...

wow. that was the long comment! I wanted to add that I'm in no way an expert, but these are the things I did to learn last month. If you can granny, you'll be able to do this!

Amy (badskirt) said...

Tired of my comments yet. This woman wrote the book I used to learn. She's got a section on magic rings along with other tips and techniques!


Emjie said...

I don't have any sound advice, but I'd say if you are managing a granny square you are still doing okay. Me? I'm still trying to master the granny square. ;)

ArtMind said...

As a beginning crocheter, I really enjoy the process of learning it. I don't know how many times I started over and over again - and I must admit that it gets upsetting if you're not able to do it. But I didn't give up & I'm so happy about that now. I started with a few simple patterns like this one: http://creativeyarn.blogspot.com/2008/03/free-patterns-outline-for-crochet.html SO easy and such a wonderful result! I love it. Try to make something simple and pretty and you'll be able get through this! Goodluck! I'll be watching your blog for your progress - perhaps that's a motivation LOL :)

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CurlyPops said...

I'm with you. I can knit but can't crochet... I just gave up!