30 September 2010

Help? Or, Blogtober Fest Day One!

My first post is a call for help.

Are you doing Softies for Mirabel this year? I want to, but I really want to do something more this year too.

That's where you all come in. I'm hoping, thinking, looking into hiring or using a space this year to have a little class and show some people who are interested in it how to make softies. But I have no idea where to start. I was thinking a first step might be Spotlight? They have sewing machines there, the people know me sort of because I go to class there every Saturday and it's a well known place.

But, what do you think? Have you ever hired somewhere, or arranged a place for Brown Owls or something (free preferably)?

Suggestions would be great!


Thanks to the lovely Cathy!

08 September 2010

Super Quick. Super Tasty. Super Healthy.

-Put chicken in the steamer for about 10 minutes. Add the Chinese broccoli (choy sum) and then cook for another 5 minutes.

-Mix some oyster sauce and garlic and then add some boiling water to heat it up, just a splash. Pour the oyster sauce over the chicken and broccoli


This is my favourite dinner at the moment. If you buy chicken tenderloins you don't even have to waste any time cutting. So this literally takes 15 minutes fridge to belly. I love it!



I've clearly forgotten how to take photos properly.

Do you like Amy? I like Amy!

She's very clever and gives good tips. Like when she recommended a fabric guillotine, a.k.a my new favourite tool. It actually works too, which is pretty amazing! She's also very nice (in person and online).  

Not to mention her store. She sells very nice fabric! I brought this fabric from her to make my blankie. It's all wrinkly because I sleep with it every night. The back is very very soft fleece that I stole from my mum. Very warm. It's not quilted or anything, but I blanket stitched the whole outside by hand. So that's some points. I might hand tie it somewhere down the line too. It's a bit... mishapen by the morning.

So, go. See Amy!


07 September 2010

Baby Swiper

My new nephew that's coming in early October has been named Swiper (of Dora fame) by the oldest boy. That, or pinata...

This is a sneak peak of a quilt I'm making for him. It was going to be a present for being born successfully, but I've decided because of the amount of effort involved it's going to be for Christmas instead.

Pictured too, recommendation from Amy.


10. Go to the Americas

LA - Vancouver - NYC - Washington DC - San Diego - San Francisco - Vegas - LA

Trip planning is well and truly underway. We're going the last three weeks of July 2011 and I'm super excited!

First things to do include getting Damien a passport, working out the itinerary (so many places!), finding out about car rentals/trains/domestic flights in America and looking at Anthropologie catalogs online to see what I can buy.
I'm also going to stop eating between now and then so I can partake in things like the double down and the footlong cheeseburger! (Ew and eww)

Have you ever been to America? Any handy hints, or must sees?

- Jemma

06 September 2010

Hello, my name is....

So, I've been thinking about a name change for the blog.

Amityville was thought up in desperation when I first started and no other inspiration was coming. We'd just gotten our first ever pet, Amity, and it seemed like an easy choice.

Lately I haven't been liking it as much and I think it's kind of girly, or childish maybe.... Not to mention that I don't even live in Boronia anymore.

So, I've been thinking and thinking. But again, no inspiration... The one idea that I did have was "Failure by Design". It's a favourite song of mine and it happily reminds me of the Mythbusters motto "Failure is always an option" which I think is a good personal motto to have when you make things. Especially as an amateur. But is it maybe too.... Grim?

I'd love some suggestions! If you think of something that might be good, comment and I'll have a little giveaway too for everyone who suggests something. Just chosen at random, even if I don't go with any of the names suggested. Just a little incentive to have a think! The prize will just be a random little goody bag of some fabrics, trims and such.

So let me know what you think!

- Jemma