10 May 2009

Eye spy... what I am reading now.

So, did everyone have a good mother's day? Not being a mother myself. I had a day of servitude! I managed to get my mum's present done with plenty of time, which is always nice and I took over a big lasagna for family dinner so she didn't have to cook. My brother made some pizza's too. So there was plenty of carbs for all! I'm so full now...

This weeks Eye Spy theme is "what I am reading now". I decided that instead of singling out one book which would be nearly impossible for me that I'd just take some photos of my books. Just turn your head as needed and squint. All of the books I have are entertaining and interesting. Some are the shameful chick-lit, some are honest to goodness classics, some are leftovers from English classes in high school and some are just what they are.



P.S. How nice a day was it?! I did 7 loads of washing, including hanging out and bringing in. Good day!

Thanks to Cindy for hosting and Monique for the theme!


Christina Lowry said...

7 loads of washing! You are a good girl. It is a great feeling thought isn't it, when you see all the clothes clean and the washing basket empty? Except that three days later you have to start washing again! :)

I need a new bookcase! I like your Enclocdeia of Craft. Where do you get that and how much was it, if you don't mind me asking?! :)

Cindy said...

Nice collection of books indeed. And great work as dedicated daughter on Mums Day