29 May 2009

Why yes, I am impulsive.

Jess sent me an email this morning and told me that she was going to be helping out Fii on the weekend of the Sydney Stitches and Craft show. My immediate response to that was to call my boss, get the Friday off, go online and book plane tickets to go too. I get jealous ok? And, do you believe that I got my return trip for $88, for everything. Thankyou Tiger Airwys!

So, I am putting out an open call now. If you need help at your stall on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday let me know. I'd love to volunteer to be your helper! You can have just one day or all 3. Whatever. Or, if you know someone that doesn't read this blog, but is needing a helper just direct them here or give them my email or something. I'm eager!

Does anyone who lives in Sydney want to meet up on Friday or Saturday night too? For coffee or dinner or something? Let me know, I'm very excited!!



bubbachenille said...

Oh good on you, I hope you get peeps who need help. I'm sure you will. I used to be this spontaneous and would love to go back there...Maybe I should meet you in Sydney and we could have coffee after the craft and stitches !

Amy (badskirt) said...

I decided to forego a stall this year, but I'd love to meet up for coffee or dinner or what not!


CurlyPops said...

Impulsive yes - but imagine how much fun you're gonna have!

Princess kirstie jane said...

Brilliant! good on you. What fun you will have. The Stitches and Craft people may be keen for some help with their craft bars if you are up for any of those. Mind you I reckon that indie craft area is so much fun.