12 November 2010


As I've started to get more into crochet and better at it. I'm finding myself carrying around more and more balls of wool. I've been on the lookout for a knitting bag, but everthing that I've come across is just blah. Aimed at old ladies, boring or just not what I want.

So, suggestions please...! Either bags themselves or patterns whichever. The only prerequistite is that I want to be able to sling it over my arm, so no short handles!


04 November 2010

My Creative Space

Wow, it's been a while. But here we are. I'm working on this crochet ripple throw for the new house when we buy a nice couch (Not the hand me downs we've always had). I'm imagining the couch to be a charcoaly grey colour. So hopefully this goes well.

Also a new toy. It's a flip camera, so watch this space for some funny puppy videos once I work out how to use it!

Check out all the other players at Kootoyoo as always.

- Jemma

03 November 2010

32. Donate blood for the first time.

Look what I did on Monday!

It was much less scary than I thought it was going to be. And none of the problems I was worried about happened (my iron being too low, travel, being rejected because of my back operation).

It all went very smoothly I think. I won't lie, it did hurt but it was nothing that I couldn't handle and it's all over fairly quickly. So no big deal.

One tip, don't get cocky about how well you're doing. Then don't only sit down for a few minutes after instead of the recommended 15. You will nearly faint and then have to lie down on the couch for 30 minutes in front of everyone and look like a huge dork.... That was pretty embarrassing.

So make sure you go to www.donateblood.com and make an appointment! It's really easy and you get free chocolate milk and cookies after. There is no downside.

- Jemma

01 November 2010


Now, before I go ahead and tell you who's won the adorable Artemer. I'd first like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came and looked at the blog and entered to competition. It was very nice to see all of the new people, look at your blogs and say hi! It's all been a little bit humbling really.

And I have to say thanks to Amy. I liked her enough beforehand, but now with all of the niceness she's shown me on top of everything, it's become a full blown girl crush (which my sister shares).

So pretty much, thank you to everyone!

Now the good stuff (with drum roll) the winner is.....

Jeanette is very lucky, she entered on the last day and was the third last commenter! Maybe you should go check out her lovely blog and have some of her luck rub off on you?

I hope everyone has had as much fun as me this Blogtober, and I hope to see you all around here more!