12 May 2009

I found something that I would love for my Birthday.

Too bad that they're solid gold. Literally.

Left: This is my favourite one, the key is 2.5" inches with a 16" chain. $420. Also available in 1.25" for $295

Right: One that I like too. Not nearly as much though. 2" with a 16" chain $375

I saw an ad for these Tiffany & Co key necklaces yesterday at a tram stop. Aren't they perfect? I was browsing this morning on their website and found one that I love, it's perfect and covers all the things I want. Pretty, jewelery, heirloom potential. But the one I really like is $420. Boo! I have the option of paying for some of it. But I think that's a little icky maybe? Or am I being silly?

I had a look on etsy to see if there were any that were similar that tickled my fancy. But all of the ones I saw had a whole bunch of other adornments, looked cheap by comparison, or I just didn't really like that much. I'm doomed. I can't think of anything. Damien is going to either
a) murder me or b) give me a bag or coal.

Do you know anywhere that sells jewelery similar to this? Let me know, ok! For know I can just look at the eye candy. Or maybe I can just go crazy and get a platinum diamond incrusted one. A bargain at only $4,940!

- Jemma

P.S. I realise I am going to hell for even complaining about something as silly as this in "THIS ECONOMY"


CurlyPops said...

The postman knocked on my door thismorning (I actually greeted him in my pyjamas) and gave me a huuuuuuge box of goodies!
I can't believe how many gorgeous things you sent me...and the piece' de resistance... my very own CurlyPops stamp (in the brady bunch font that I use).
Gemma - you are a superstar!

The Crafty Librarian said...

I saw that sign at the bus stop too! They're really nice, and if it's something that you really want just get him to partially buy it for you. Then you can have it, and not have to think of something else!

Cravings Frocks said...

Ooh, I've seen ads for those. Gorgeous. At the moment I'm loving Victoria Mason's silver necklaces which are around $200-$220. This one in particular, I may well die for: http://www.oyemodern.com/necklaces/i-heart-necklace-by-victoria-mason/prod_220.html