05 May 2009

Woo Hoo!

I think that I've finally gotten it. Maybe. Almost.

Once I realised that putting the hook into the 3rd (or whichever) chain from the hook was including the down ones. Not the across ones I stopped making strange, mishapen, warped pieces and now I have this nice little rectangle of eveness!
Next to tackle:

- Figure out how to hold my yarn. I change my holding position 3 times a second currently.
- Learn to read patterns and abreviations (They're jibberish at the moment)
- Have really good tension, which I think is mostly related to item one.
- Amigumuri!!

Also featured in the picture is my first purse frame creation. And I have to say that it was a whole lot easier than I was expecting. I really built it up in my mind. But after going over the instructions a few times. I was confident in cutting into my delicious Ink & Spindle Fabric. Very happy with how this turned out. Thanks Nicole!
And, has everyone been looking at Tinniegirls loot? She has some very nice things!

- Jemma


Amy (badskirt) said...


You'll be making tissue box covers in no time.(that's a joke about the rectangle! a bad one, I know!)

I like your purse frame. i have some of that fabric, but I'm scared to cut it. I have really wanted to try out purse frames, but I'm not so good with things like that.

Emjie said...

Ah! I thought I recognised the fabric. That is a gorgeous purse.

Jenaveve said...

Very nice work!!
Ooh, I love the thought of Amigumuri... except for the fact that I cannot crochet. Can't wait to see your progress.

CurlyPops said...

The purse looks fabulous!