08 September 2010


I've clearly forgotten how to take photos properly.

Do you like Amy? I like Amy!

She's very clever and gives good tips. Like when she recommended a fabric guillotine, a.k.a my new favourite tool. It actually works too, which is pretty amazing! She's also very nice (in person and online).  

Not to mention her store. She sells very nice fabric! I brought this fabric from her to make my blankie. It's all wrinkly because I sleep with it every night. The back is very very soft fleece that I stole from my mum. Very warm. It's not quilted or anything, but I blanket stitched the whole outside by hand. So that's some points. I might hand tie it somewhere down the line too. It's a bit... mishapen by the morning.

So, go. See Amy!


1 comment:

noricum said...

Ooo! That guillotine is neat! It would work for my art cards too! (Using different blades for paper & fabric, of course, since paper dulls blades.) Where do you find these?