02 October 2010

48. Buy a house - Day 2

One more set of papers to sign and this house will be ours. It's in Belgrave for those Victorians who know the area and we can hear the puffing billy go past from our back yard.

500m walk one way to a local pool, 500m the other to the local footy ground. In the middle of a triangle of 3 national parks.

Sounds good, huh?

Any moving tips you wish to share? Also, expect a "Cleaning out the house to move" giveaway in a few Friday's time.



Jessica said...

My tip is to list what is in each box on the side of the box. I've tried just writing just the room on the box but if you are looking for the eg light bulbs you don't want to look through 20 different boxes looking for them.

Megan said...

congratulations, how exciting (apart from the big chore of moving) i am hoping to be in this place in 4 or so months... fingers crossed :)

noricum said...

I want to buy a house... which means right now I'm looking for a job. (Somehow, I've managed to put away a down payment, but don't have the income for a mortgage.)