05 July 2010

101 things in 1001 days

Idea from here.

But mostly inspired by this amazing lady. You really need to read her blog. Really, really. 

1. Get better at embroidery.

2. Learn about wines.

3. Organise my kitchen, throw out containers with no lids, make a special place for recipe books and throw out expired things.

4. See old friends, make new friends.

5. Learn to drive a manual car.

6. Get good at crochet.

7. Take portraits of my immediate family, frame and hang.

8. Bake fresh bread every week for 6 months.

9. Sell something in a store.

10. Go to the Americas

11. Do washing before I run out of clean clothes, not after.

12. Make something for charity.

13. Get better at Gocco.

14. Learn to do my hair and make-up really well.

15. Have my posters and prints framed and hang them.

16. Have my own business cards.

17. Collaborate on a project.

18. Walk the dog everyday for a least half an hour

19. Meet more bloggy people in person.

20. Don’t eat any refined sugar for a month.

21. Learn to make soap.

22. Do Pilates

23. Watch the top 100 AFI movies

24. Increase my typing speed.

25. Organise my sewing room really properly - not just big piles in a vague order

26. Throw more things out.

27. Post on my blog everyday for a month (at least)

28. Have a real garden

29. Get a tattoo

30. Finish all of my video games!

31. Have a market stall

32. Donate blood for the first time.

33. Bring my lunch to work at least twice a week.

34. Write a tutorial.

35. Have one of my nephews sleep over.

36. Get a manicure and pedicure.

37. Find out more about my family history.

38. Take more photos.

39. Put $50 a week in my savings account.

40. Clean my linen closet.

41. Make 5 quilts start to finish.

42. Wear more vintage clothes.

43. Alter a complicated patter without help

44. Spend more time outside.

45. Find a hat that compliments me.

46. Learn how to make real coffee.

47. Pay my bills on time.

48. Buy a house

49. Visit central Australia and Perth.

50. See more of my local area.

51. Appreciate my stamp albums and start collecting again.

52. Drink more fresh brewed tea

53. Learn a language

54. Eat at 10 new restaurants.

55. Cook 100 new recipes - at least 20 of which I think are too hard.

56. Take a road trip to Sydney

57. Take piano lessons

58. Make homebrew.

59. Learn to use Photoshop

60. Make my own balms and salves.

61. Teach someone a craft, who’s never done it before.

62. Take a short course at a TAFE - in anything

63. Display my collections.

64. Read 10 books that people have recommended to me. (Suggestions please)

65. Take a cooking class.

66. Learn how to fix my computer when it breaks.

67. Buy a big bookshelf and organise all of my books alphabetically.

68. Enter something into the Royal Melbourne show.

69. Go to the dentist. Gulp.

70. Buy a candy thermometer and use it.

71. Take a pattern making class.

72. Paint a room.

73. Go to a rugby game.

74. Register as an organ donor, and convince as many people as I can to do the same.

75. Have something for sale in a store.

76. Remember to take out the rubbish bins every week.

77. Learn knitting stitches other than knit and purl.

78. Don’t eat take out for a month. (Maybe two)

79. Perfect my pancake recipe

80. Make a dress from my own design

81. Get a clothes dryer of my very own!

82. Eat breakfast everyday for a year.

83. Go to Europe

84. See Damien graduate.

85. Make progress in my job.

86. Organise my fabric in colour order.

87. Don’t walk into anything for a week.

88. Have my own fully stocked tool box.

89. Take a defensive driving course

90. Meet my neighbors.

91. Buy a filing cabinet and have my papers in order.

92. Make all of my Christmas presents one year.

93. Learn to use my camera properly.

94. Don’t eat meat for a month.

95. Make my bed every day for a month, then realise I like it and keep doing it forever!

96. Have waffles for the first time

97. Support local businesses.

98. Make a really good book with all of my recipes. Not worrying about order or how it looks for once.

99. Get a lime tree.

100. Make a custom order, of anything.

101. See snow for the first time.

It's a lot to do in 3 years. Some will be easy, some I already know I won't do. But just having them on the list makes them more of a possibility.

You should make a list too. And if you do, you should post it. So I can see too, and we can inspire each other. If you make a list, leave the link below. 


*in no particular order*


Jennie said...

It'd be amusing to see these arranged in chronological order, or concurrent order. EG, you'd have to donate blood *before* getting a tattoo because you wouldn't be allowed to donate for two years (I think) after. Or you could not eat take-away at the same time as not eating meat and trying 100 new recipes.

My list for the next three years would pretty much be:
* Have second child
* Buy a house
* Get some kind of paying job
* Try to remember to brush hair every day

CurlyPops said...

I love that list (even though it's making me tired just thinking about getting all that done)!
I'm very happy that you have 74 and 32 on your list (very important to me). I'd love to do 23 25 26 37 39 40 42.... what the I probably should just steal your list.

The Crafty Librarian said...

Jemma! Awesome, inspiring... I'm trying to do some of these, others not so much. Give me some time, and I will figure out mine. Keep posted on The Crafty Librarian and you will soon see it :o)

Cindy said...

I love your list, some of mine would be the same too, just un-written. I think writing them has a real power, can't wait to see

The Crafty Librarian said...

My list: http://the-crafty-librarian.blogspot.com/2010/07/101-things-in-1001-963-days.html

Anonymous said...

I really am stunned that you've not yet seen snow O_O

amity ville boronia said...

Don't judge me!