17 October 2010

6. Get good at crochet - Day 17

Look! I rippled! It was much easier than I thought it would be too. So I really recommend giving it a try.

I found a really great tutorial here that I used that broke the steps down so they were really easy.  So you should go have a look and try it out! It's very relaxing in its repetition!



Liesl said...

What a nice bit of rippling that is too! (I must go investigate the tutorial ... being as the only time I have ever rippled is when I have been trying to crochet in a perfectly straight fashion).

Is it going to be a blanket??

Kate said...

Thats much better than anything I can do; I can cast on, then Im lost!

Bec said...

Nice one!!! Thanks for the link!

ThirdMargaret said...

Crochet is on my Someday list! Good job!

Anonymous said...

I am a longtime crochet-er and I must say this looks very nice and even. Well done.