30 September 2010

Help? Or, Blogtober Fest Day One!

My first post is a call for help.

Are you doing Softies for Mirabel this year? I want to, but I really want to do something more this year too.

That's where you all come in. I'm hoping, thinking, looking into hiring or using a space this year to have a little class and show some people who are interested in it how to make softies. But I have no idea where to start. I was thinking a first step might be Spotlight? They have sewing machines there, the people know me sort of because I go to class there every Saturday and it's a well known place.

But, what do you think? Have you ever hired somewhere, or arranged a place for Brown Owls or something (free preferably)?

Suggestions would be great!


Thanks to the lovely Cathy!


CurlyPops said...

Do you have any local community centres Jemma? They sometime have free spaces to use for things like that.

The Crafty Librarian said...

We just rock up at cafes, drink coffee and make stuff... so maybe you could do the prelim stages of softie making, e.g. the cutting?! I'm still torn on whether I'm doing Blogtober as well... the thought is making me tired!

Brianna said...

Love the idea. If you are in Belgrave or close, I am in Berwick and would love to join in.