03 October 2010

6. Get better at crochet - Day 3

My first step in this list item is that I've enrolled in crochet class at Spotlight. I've just had my first of 4 classes, and I can already see improvement.

I'd been taught to make granny squares at Brown Owls about 2 years ago, but never progressed beyond that really. I could never make a sampler that had even sides for example. It's hard to make non wonky sides when crocheting! For me anyway....

The picture is a granny square that I made in the last 15 minutes of the class (poorly) that my teacher did a cool border on. She had a funny name for it, but I can't remember...


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The Crafty Librarian said...

I like it!

Lauren said...

good on you! I just got taught how to crochet recently...I'm still a bit wobbly but I really enjoy it! all the best with blogtoberfest!