05 October 2010

40. Clean my linen closet - Day 5

Yet another list item that works in nicely with the pre move clean out. It looks so messy because I also had clothes overflowing in there from my closet and drawers. 

This makes it look like I have a sadly small amount of linen. But we do only have one bed. The new house is going to have the first spare bedroom we've ever had! Somewhere for Jess to stay while she's here.



Margaret @ Konstant Kaos said...

Our linen closet needs some loving as well, but I have been avoiding it as I fear that most of it will end up back in my sewing room as backings for quilts. And then that defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

Lauren said...

Oh wow, nice work! This is up there on my list right now. I could do without a pile of towels falling on my head every time I open the linen press!

noricum said...

No, it makes it look like you haven't let the ratty linen pile up. (Or you haven't had enough time for it to pile up.) The linen closet at my parent's is always crammed, but most of it is too ratty for regular use, but not quite ratty enough to throw out. :P