07 September 2010

10. Go to the Americas

LA - Vancouver - NYC - Washington DC - San Diego - San Francisco - Vegas - LA

Trip planning is well and truly underway. We're going the last three weeks of July 2011 and I'm super excited!

First things to do include getting Damien a passport, working out the itinerary (so many places!), finding out about car rentals/trains/domestic flights in America and looking at Anthropologie catalogs online to see what I can buy.
I'm also going to stop eating between now and then so I can partake in things like the double down and the footlong cheeseburger! (Ew and eww)

Have you ever been to America? Any handy hints, or must sees?

- Jemma


Jennie said...

My must-dos for San Francisco are Amoeba Records on Haight (plus all the vintage clothing shops wile you're in the neighbourhood), a cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge (much cheaper than visiting Alcatraz and excellent photo ops), Coit Tower and black bean burritos in the Missoin District. SF is one of my top five fave cities!

New York... it's kinda enough just to be there. I've only ever been in winter (been three times and it's been covered in snow each time) so I don't know what the best things to do are in summer!

Don't have much to say about Washington DC. It's like visiting Canberra.

And there's no shame in spending a day or three at Disneyland when you're in LA.

noricum said...

I heard about the double down (ew), but not the footlong cheeseburger... EWWWWW! (Coronary, anyone?)

In Vancouver, if you're thinking about the Capilano suspension bridge, you should also know about the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge... the LC one is free, vs the high rates at Capilano. ;)