09 October 2010

Finders Keepers - Day 9

Today Damien very kindly agreed to go to finders keepers with me, which was nice since he knew in advance it was a craft market....

He was pretty bored until he saw the shiny cuff link store. That cheered him up a bit... He couldn't buy any though since he didn't bring any cash thinking it would all be crochet blankets and crazy old ladies...

I got myself the lovely frankie calendar and some Victoria Mason earrings. They're little apples!

For the rest of our day we went to Costco which was in a word, awesome! I think I died and went to heaven a little. I didn't know washing powder came in 9kg packs?!

(2 days in a row of nearly missing blogtoberfest... I'm slipping....)


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Liesl said...

Finders Keepers was amazing ... but Costco definitely comes in at a close second!!!