27 June 2010

First Blood....

**Sorry for the crappy photo, taken with my iPhone in poor light**

Or first gocco..... Whatever.

After first peeling off a large chunk of the emulsion on one screen thinking it as a special protective film I needed to remove before burning the screen and then trying to burn a screen that I had put in upside down and completely smooshing it, I had success!

After my first stupid mistakes and had my eureka moment and realised how dumb I was I got it right. I mean, the screen was obviously upside down and I of course shouldn't have had to jam it in a bend it to get it right. It's all very obvious...now...

Anyway, next mission is a good even application of the paint to get a better print. Any suggestions?


P.S. Did I mention that the iPhone that I took the photo with is a brand new one I got today after dropping my other one in the toilet? It still works fine, if you don't mind the fact that the speakers and main button don't work.... Let's just write that $795 off to a harsh but valuable lesson....


The Crafty Librarian said...

I wish I had a spare $795 to buy an iPhone :op The gocco is awesome. I'm looking forward to some cool gocco-ness headed my way!

noricum said...

Pretty card! (Bummer about the iPhone!)

Hmmm... what are you doing with the old iPhone? I wonder how much of it works if you don't have a cell plan? I've had an urge to try out writing an app for iPhones... but not having an iPhone (or cell of any sort, for that matter) makes it a bit... difficult. :P

One place I'm thinking of applying for work does phone apps... perhaps they'll loan me one to play with?

(I hope you don't mind all the comments... I think I'm procrastinating working on my resume...)