01 December 2008

A week of colllections - Day One

This is my first attempt to host anything, probably no one will play. But at least I'll get to show off my favourite thing to collect, which is Canisters!

I may have mentioned this before, but I love them. There's some really awesome things out there. My collection also extends to include cookie jars, regular jars tins etc. Pretty much anything that you can put a bag of flour in, I love.

This canister is one of my favourites (I say that about all of them). Yes, that is a top hat with a bunny coming out of it. And yes, the bunny is the lid. I got this bad boy at a local Vinnie's, it was a bit pricey at $7.50. But well worth it I think for the kitsch value alone!

Hopefully someone else will join in, I will of course happily link anyone that does. If no one plays, just enjoy the canisters. I'm sure some of my other kitchen goodies will make there way in here too. Like the caraffe that I made my ginger beer plant in, vintage pyrex and gorgeous.

Anyway, enjoy them.


1 comment:

Amy (badskirt) said...

Hey Jemma. I can't see your pictures for some reason =( I would love to see your canisters!

I can't join in collections all week, but I will share my collection story with you. I will share it on Wednesday, if you'd like to come visit me then!

I wish I could join you longer, but I'll be heaps busy sewing for Christmas.