09 December 2008

G Day*

On Sunday my Ginger beer was ready, yay! I didn't really have a proper taste of it but I'll write a few sentences about it anyway.

The small glass I had was WAY to sweet. It was almost syrupy to me. I think that if I make some again that I'll put in half the sugar at the final stage. Maybe less. At the moment I want to give it a go sliced with a little soda water and lime. Maybe some gin too.

Another thing. It's so fizzy. It put my batch in 1.25l bottles, and boy has the fiz come on strong. The first time I opened the bottle it fizzed over but was manageable, the second time it spayed all over! Luckily I was speedy to get it into the sink and close it up. Next batch I think that I'll use 2l bottle, see how it goes.

Anyway, in summary. Even if I end up pouring this all down the sink, it's been very fun to make anyway. Having the plant to feed every morning for 2 weeks was like haveing a whole new pet, very exciting!


Anyone else that's made Pip's ginger beer recipe, any words of wisdom?

*In no way affiliated with G'Day or D Day

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