03 December 2008

A week of colllections - Day Three

The sets or, The collections within the collections.

These ones are another gift for my nanna. I only got these beauties recently, so they don't actually have anything in them. But they're pretty yes? These ones don't actually live in my kitchen, they're currently on top of the heater and looking for a permanent home.

I remember someone in my family having something very similar to these when I was growing up. I got these at trash and treasure for some paltry amount. $8 I think. They came with a cutlery jar, for wooden spoons and such, and 2 shakers that I can't figure out what to do with.

These last ones are from trash and treasure too. (I love it there!) Also very cheap, $15 I think. And they have a matching cake tin that some of you might of seen at the pedlar's picnic. These are my favourite of the sets.

More tomorrow.


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