03 December 2008

What are you wearing Wednesday

As I said last week, mine will be more of a "what I would be wearing if I wasn't at work Wednesday". Say that 10 times fast!

This week though is what I wore to the Mike's Christmas party.

Sorry about the terrible photo. I took it last night when I got home, very tired.
I got this dress at the quick brown fox a few weeks ago on sale, it's lovely I think. It was a bit long for my taste so I cut about 2 inches off the bottom, it's now very short, but looks awesome with black tights and I like it so much better. And, on the hem there was 2 very nice pieces of matching embroidery that I have now to applique on something. Which is nice.

Coming up, tomorrow more canisters, Sunday I spy and I'll be back next Wednesday for what are you wearing.


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