02 December 2008

A week of colllections - Day Two

Ok, I'll admit. This is technically a Christmas cookie jar that I got at Target last year.

But I like to call him Mr. Rice Penguin. Because that's where we keep our rice. Nothing is funnier than the day my nephew reached in there for a cookie, pulled out a handful of rice. And STILL tried to eat it.

This one I got at the heavenly trash and treasure market that's just near my house. $5 I think? This one holds our first aid supplies. It's deceptively big and currently has a jar of cough syrup, a jumbo pack of bandaids, about 8 different kinds of panadol, prescriptions and Damien's medicine.

See you tomorrow for more collections!



The Crafty Librarian said...

I spent one of my precious ten Internet minutes looking at your Collection Day!

Christina Lowry said...

We had the same cannister in our cubboard when we were growing up! Could it be the same one..? :)