29 December 2008

The reveal.

This post has been a long time coming for me, and I'm very excited to show my creations off now!

I actually made this for my sister months ago, and it's been sitting in my linen closet just waiting for a home. It was very tricky as my second quilt, and it's a bit "special" if you look at it too closely. But I love it and I'm very proud of it.

The thing that I like the most I think is the binding. I used the lovely Fii's tutorial from her blog. And the result is ace! It makes the whole thing look about 100% better I think.

My mum just started working again after a few months off in between jobs and I made her this bag from the always favourite Bend the Rules sewing. It was quick to put together really and I think it's turned out pretty nice. I really like the fabric. One question though. Does anyone know what flannel facing is? I interpreted it as wadding, but I'm still not totally sure.

And lastly here are some litlle zipper pouch make up bag thingys that I made for Damien' sisters. We tucked a few choccies and a gift card in them all. They turned out cute!

Did everyone else give and recieve some nice handmade gifts? I'd love to see!!


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