04 December 2008

A week of collections - Day Four

The glass ones.

Please excuse the photos, it's deviously hard to take a photo of glass that is all rounded and such like these are.

On the left is a nice little guy that I picked up from Ikea a while ago, they have another one that's the same just bigger that's really nice too. Though I think I have enough plain glass canisters. I'm all about COLOUR! On the right is one that I got from a Vinnie's I think. $3? Sounds about right. I do remember though that the old man selling it to me was very interested it what I was going to do with it.

This is another of my favourites. I got it of eBay and it's one of the few that I've paid a not measly sum for $20 or so? Can't remember with the postage. I love the colour and texture of this, love it.

Another beauty from trash and treasure, which I've decided to start calling the happiest place on earth. I think this was actually $1 and it was my first canister I think. I mean besides just regular supermarket purchased ones that is.

My mum gave me this last Birthday. It's very pretty! You can't really see here, but it's got lots of lovely etchings on it of flowers. It currently houses latex gloves for when I have to touch raw chicken. YUK!

Plenty more tomorrow!

- Jemma

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