31 December 2008

A little Christmas present from me to me.

Well kind of. I got a gift voucher from Damien's mum for Christmas and I used it to buy two thirds of this beast. I saw it a couple of weeks ago while doing the last minute shop for Christmas and thought it looked awesome.

Besides being possibly the heaviest book in the world, it's also very interesting looking. The chapters aren't divided in your tradtional meat, dessert, baking kind of way. They're way more interesting than that, off the top of my head without having the book in front of me for reference, some are; Rise and Shine which is Breakfast goods obviously. But it also includes some great juice and smoothie recipes. Drinks and snacks (I think) is full of cocktails, nibbles and other party kind of foods. There's also super fast, healthy, and asian chapters.

Anyway, enough rambling, I'm just excited to get stuck into it! I'll be doing a proper Christmas wrap up on the weekend when I have a little bit of time. But until then I hope that everyone has a very safe, happy and fun New Year.


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The Crafty Librarian said...

I'm considering a purchase...