30 November 2008

I spy, what I want for Christmas.

Thanks to Cindy at Bug and Pop for the awesome new idea of Eye Spy.

One of the things that I really like to buy for entertainment purposes, is DVD's of TV shows. Me and Damien already have a fairly impressive collection, and one of our favourite relaxing things to do is lounge in bed on a Sunday and watch as many episodes of our favourite TV shows as we want. No interruptions, no ads, the TV station can't randomly decide to show an old episode completely screwing up the story line, heaven.

This afternoon I spent some time over at EzyDVD looking through their lists of TV shows and I've decided to do a little top five of the shows that I would most like for Christmas. Sorry that this isn't anything crafty, I'll chuck a few of those on the end too!

- Buffy, the complete series - I am letting you all know how geeky I am?

- Dawson's Creek, the complete series - I grew up in the late 90's didn't I?

- Arrested Development - I love Jason Bateman and Michael Cera. I find this show SO watchable.

- Supernatural, Season 3 - It scares me, but I can't help loving it.

- Bones - No, I don't have a thing for David Boreanaz

Have I mentioned that I love TV?

On a more crafty note, I'd also love a new rotary cutter with an interchangeable zig zag blade, new fabric scissors, someone who knows how to change the light bulb in my machine, a crafting iron (I ruined ours with wadding), quilting lessons, a walking foot for my machine, more storage and a million dollars!

This game is fun!

- Jemma

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