09 December 2008

Making paper.

Well not really making it, but same thing!

Here are some photos that the wonderful Damien took of me last night while I was painting some of the brown paper I got on the weekend.

Although this is a really horrible photo of me, please note the stencil. I think that I might make a little stencil tutorial the way I made this one. I used a plastic pocket for it.

This is one doing the prefered method of paint application, stipling I think it might be called? I also use one of those funny shaving cream brushed to apply the paint.

This is the finished product more or less. It's fairly unspectacular. But trust me, it looks very nice when wrapped around a present. I'll throw up some photos of my very coordinated Christmas tree and you'll be green with envy!

And I thought this was a funny photo of me, don't I look like I'm having fun??


1 comment:

CurlyPops said...

Love the wrapping paper. Such a cool idea and so much nicer than buying it!