04 January 2009

The (belated) Christmas Wrap

This post is dedicated to CurlyPops, since I totally stole the title of it from her!

I was very spoilt this year, as most years due to my enormous extended family network.

There were lots of nice little sewing odds and ends, including new fabric scissors and a very fancy rotary cutter. I got a big ole Lincraft voucher too. Which was quickly and joyfully spent on boxing day when it was 30% off storewide. Lovely.

There were some great kitchen things, like milkshake cups (yum!), a lovely vintage jug, an awesome cupcake pack which included a new pan, cooling rack, stand and some silicone patty pans. Which I've always wanted. And a gorgeous teapot with matching creamer and sugar bowl.

My lovely sister got me a subscription to Handmade magazine, which I'm pretty jazzed about since I'll get all the patterns easily now. The ones at the library are always missing. She also passed on a nice chunk of her Kootoyoo scheDUEL giveaway. So generous!

Of course there was plenty of chocolates and drinks and some very nice cookbooks. The list just goes on! I'm a very lucky girl :)


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