26 March 2009

My Creative Space.

These guys came in the mail today. There's actually 12 in the pack thee, and they're huuge! As the picture demonstrates. These are blank tea towels in case you were wondering, and they're destined to be Easter gifts!

Also in the mail today, this wonderful package of goodies that I ordered from Selina's Vintage Etsy shop. Aren't the little Scotty dogs adorable?? This was just a listing for some random goodies in a package, but there's definitely some gems in there. And, I don't remember how much I actually paid for it all but I'm pretty sure she was practically giving it away. Love it!

More creative spaces as always at Kootoyoo.


25 March 2009

Mike's Make-A-Long in March

This months theme for the Mike's Make-A-Long in March is Paper. I thought something really fun would be to try some simple book binding. It's fun! Very sticky though....

Hmmm, this was made with regular A4 copier paper, some scrap cardboard, a fat quarter and lots and lots of PVA. I recommend giving it a go. If you're into that kind of thing.

So, if you like this, I'd be much obliged if you could pop over to the Make-A-Long flickr pool and post some comments on my book. Thanks! I desperately want a copy of the Mike's book for my very own but since I'm temporarily (and always) embarrassed of funds at the moment, it doesn't look like happening in the near future. So here I am trying to win one using things I already had and some begging! Hehehe.

But, I do think you should go look whether you'll comment on mine or not. There's some good stuff over there, so by all means vote for the one you actually think is the best!

My pictures are:


- Jemma

Well, Helloooooo Gorgeous.

It's my 21st birthday in a few months (June 8th if you want to write it in your calendar, in glitter pen, maybe with some stickers?) and this baby has my name written all over it!

My mum, Jess and I went to Spotlight a few weeks ago and lay-byed her and I'm pretty much counting down the days till I can give her a whirl! I've got one quilt sandwich in my closet that's already waiting for the new machine because my current one is so terrible at pretty much everything other than straight stitch on maximum 2 thickness fabric.

So, her name is Hortense (tentatively) and she'll be coming home at the start of June. How exciting!

Did I mention she could do letters?


16 March 2009


I'm sure a lot of you know by now, but Amy is having a giveaway. So, head over to her shop and have a look around (maybe pick something up while you're there?) and join in the giveaway fun. You might get something from the shop for your very own, for free!

Amy is one of my very favourite bloggers, so I would reaaally appreciate if you were nice and supportive of her too!


15 March 2009

two cheese please

One of the classes that me and Jess did yesterday at the show was Hand carved stamp making with two cheese please . And I have to say it, I'm hooked! It's so much fun and very satisfying as far as craft goes. I thought that it would be hard, but I think my ideas translated really well. And I've always liked the stamped look.

At the show I made the cat head one, which is supposed to look like Amity. Even though Damien doesn't think it does. And I made the words today and I also stole the chunks of pine from my dads shed, they turned out better than I could of hoped. I highly recommend giving stamp making a try though!!!

I'll show the other things that I got at the stitches and craft show over a few days this week. We covered a lot of ground and came away with some fantastic goodies. We met some of our idols too, which was awesome. Everyone interstate shouldn't miss it when it comes to your home town.

- Jemma

Eye Spy... My favourite colour.

Full disclosure, my favourite colour is probably an equal toss up between blue and purple. But I seem to have a lot of nice blue items just waiting to be photographed. So we're going to focus more on that!

This photo is just a mix and match of blue things that I grabbed from around my lounge/crafting room. Some jars, my money box, the bandanna I use to keep my neck cool while ironing, some bias binding, thrifted embroidery hoops, my fabric that I got from ink & spindle at the show yesterday and one of my cutting mats. There's something that I really like about seeing a group of colour matched things grouped together.

Thanks to Cindy for letting me choose the theme this week!!


13 March 2009

Eye Spy

I was very luckily chosen to pick this weeks eye spy theme. I've always wanted to have my turn but now that I do, pressure!

Anyway, here it is:

Eye spy my favourite colour.

Nothing too fancy, you can just say what your favourite colour is, or take some pictures of a few things in your favourite colour. Whatever!

Hope you like.

- Jemma

12 March 2009

My Creative Space.

I'm playing along with My creative space this week, but I'll have to warn you. It's not pretty.

Currently on the crafting table:

- My poor overcrowded sewing machine.
- A bag from the post office, from my various Swap-Botting. Lots of that going on at the moment!
- Tissues cos I've been sick
- A couple of fabric bucket full of lace and trimmings that I've opped in the last few weeks.
- Some recipe books
- And in the background my sad and very empty money box!

Hopefully by next week there will be some more order on the table, but lets not get carried away. For more players go see Kirst.

- Jemma

11 March 2009

Do you know Tinniegirl?

Like, personally?
My lovely Auntie came over this Sunday bearing gifts for me in the form of a big box full of vintage tins. Some of them are real beauties too! Although they're all very nice, I definitely don't have enough room for them in my teeny tiny house. So I thought that I could send a few over to Tinniegirl because I love her work. So if anyone knows her, tell her to come say hi to me!!


What are you wearing Wednesday

This week I'm playing along with Fii's what are you wearing Wednesday. I love the idea of this game, but because I work full in an office I'm rarely wearing anything cute enough to be shown the the internet.

Today I'm wearing a new dress that I got this weekend at Temt while "work clothes shopping" with my friend Emily. I like to think that it's very Joan Holloway, but since I lack most of her.... assets I'm sure that it's just a pale imitation, really. Unfortunately I'm totally unable to take photos of my full body without either blinking or pulling a funny face just as the timer goes off. Or chopping of my head, I'm just putting in a small shot that shows my new necklace.

It was mine and Damien's 3 year anniversary last Monday, I requested a necklace and he got me this very pretty, delicate, white gold little number. I didn't even give him any guidelines apart from "necklace" and he managed to pick out this very nice one all by himself. Isn't he clever??

Head over to Fii's sidebar to see the rest of the players. I'm guessing that she'll be sitting out this week because she's working very hard at the Sticthes and Craft show, but you should check it out anyway! I'm very excited to be heading over there myself this weekend with Jess. You'll hear more about that on Sunday!


08 March 2009

Eye spy... Something that makes me laugh

Reaper! This is one of my favourite t.v shows. It has only been on for one season and was very close to being cancelled. But it came back this week after a 18 month or so hiatus. Just as funny as ever! I highly recommend you watch a few episodes if you can, they're so funny! My favourite character is Sock, one of the side kicks. He's a big loveable bear!

Thanks as always to Cindy and for this weeks theme from Anja.


02 March 2009

My favourite things

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens....!

Pip is playing a game this week which is pretty much just talking about your favourite things. Maybe throw in a picture, and don't worry about posting something every day. Just a few this week, and maybe you'll be someones new favourite thing!

So, here goes!
One of my favourite things since starting craft is... BUTTONS! I think that a lot of you out there will be with me on this one. They're just so diverse. Beautiful colours and shapes, any that you can imagine. This picture is of some buttons that I've sewn on a card to send to Germany for Swap-Bot (haven't heard of it? I recommend going!)

Hopefully I'll be able to find the energy for another post tomorrow, but I'm still suffering from returning to work syndrome!


01 March 2009

Eye spy... something that makes me happy.

Just popping in for this one. It's my 21st Birthday in June this year, and my Auntie gave this to me as a (very) early present. I know that it may seem like a strange 21st gift, but I have to say that I love it!

It's the special "Cat & Dog" edition, so it's perfect for my 2 cat house hold. Which also happens to have very big loop carpet which things get stuck in very easily. I used it for the first time today and Damien said that the carpet looks like a different colour. I also vacuumed the couch, doona, mattress and curtains.

What can I say, it's love!!


Thanks to Cindy for hosting and Iris & Lily for this weeks theme!!


It's been a while hasn't it?
Just popping in to say that I'm home from Sydney and that I'm going to do a big proper post by Tuesday at the latest!
Right now I'm just enjoying my last few precious hours of Holidays before it's back to work tomorrow :(