25 March 2009

Well, Helloooooo Gorgeous.

It's my 21st birthday in a few months (June 8th if you want to write it in your calendar, in glitter pen, maybe with some stickers?) and this baby has my name written all over it!

My mum, Jess and I went to Spotlight a few weeks ago and lay-byed her and I'm pretty much counting down the days till I can give her a whirl! I've got one quilt sandwich in my closet that's already waiting for the new machine because my current one is so terrible at pretty much everything other than straight stitch on maximum 2 thickness fabric.

So, her name is Hortense (tentatively) and she'll be coming home at the start of June. How exciting!

Did I mention she could do letters?



Polka Dot Rabbit said...

ooh let me know how she goes. I'm not entirely satisfied with my new Singer and I'm considering buying a new one since a repair job isn't much cheaper ...

Jenaveve said...

A bit of an early 'happy birthday' to you! I'm in awe of the gift-to-come, she looks divine. Just perfect for a 21st gift.

And she does letters?? Oh so jealous now :)