12 March 2009

My Creative Space.

I'm playing along with My creative space this week, but I'll have to warn you. It's not pretty.

Currently on the crafting table:

- My poor overcrowded sewing machine.
- A bag from the post office, from my various Swap-Botting. Lots of that going on at the moment!
- Tissues cos I've been sick
- A couple of fabric bucket full of lace and trimmings that I've opped in the last few weeks.
- Some recipe books
- And in the background my sad and very empty money box!

Hopefully by next week there will be some more order on the table, but lets not get carried away. For more players go see Kirst.

- Jemma


AnastasiaC said...

hey sweet are you doing this Sunday's 'eye spy' theme??

Kirsty said...

Hope you're feeling better.

Michelle said...

Your space looks very busy and productive. Hope you are feeling better.