25 March 2009

Mike's Make-A-Long in March

This months theme for the Mike's Make-A-Long in March is Paper. I thought something really fun would be to try some simple book binding. It's fun! Very sticky though....

Hmmm, this was made with regular A4 copier paper, some scrap cardboard, a fat quarter and lots and lots of PVA. I recommend giving it a go. If you're into that kind of thing.

So, if you like this, I'd be much obliged if you could pop over to the Make-A-Long flickr pool and post some comments on my book. Thanks! I desperately want a copy of the Mike's book for my very own but since I'm temporarily (and always) embarrassed of funds at the moment, it doesn't look like happening in the near future. So here I am trying to win one using things I already had and some begging! Hehehe.

But, I do think you should go look whether you'll comment on mine or not. There's some good stuff over there, so by all means vote for the one you actually think is the best!

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- Jemma

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