26 March 2009

My Creative Space.

These guys came in the mail today. There's actually 12 in the pack thee, and they're huuge! As the picture demonstrates. These are blank tea towels in case you were wondering, and they're destined to be Easter gifts!

Also in the mail today, this wonderful package of goodies that I ordered from Selina's Vintage Etsy shop. Aren't the little Scotty dogs adorable?? This was just a listing for some random goodies in a package, but there's definitely some gems in there. And, I don't remember how much I actually paid for it all but I'm pretty sure she was practically giving it away. Love it!

More creative spaces as always at Kootoyoo.



Tweed Delights said...

Great Easter gift idea : ) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Kirsty said...

Nothing more inspiring than "blanks". Have fun.

Selina said...

glad you liked your package! have fun with those tea towels!