29 October 2008

A week of Nanna.... Day Three

Well,I'm feeling pretty yucky tonight. I've had a tummy ache all week and it's just not going away :(

Today is just a quick story about Nanna then!

Many many years ago (10? 15?) when I was younger, we went to see some of my older boy cousins playing footy up in the hills. Nanna was there, and my girl cousin who's just a few years older than me. At this particular ground there is a big lake right next to it. Impractical? I think so! Well because football is very uninteresting to a young lass like me and my cousin, Nanna took us for a walk where we encountered the most terrifying, humongous and rabid goose in the world!!!!

After about half of a lap getting chased by the goose my nanna finally turns around and says something to the effect of "That's enough" and belts it with her heavy grandma handbag!

Although now I have mixed feelings about hitting a little birdy with a bag. At the time it made her my hero!

Needless to say, I'm still have some lingering fears of geese!

Hope you'll be back tomorrow after this terrible showing, I'm going to be writing about my blanky that Nanna made me. It'll be much better, I promise!


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