23 October 2008

Thank you!

Or Live from my new Laptop it's Thursday night!

So, it's been a very exciting day for me today! This morning my bright new shiny laptop arrived at work. In the specified delivery time and everything! My boyfriend has done a bunch of fancy things to it, and now it's all up and running and nice. Any suggestions for stylish laptop bag/sleeve suppliers? I was thinking of making something, but I'm a little nervous leaving the safety of my laptop in my not so crafty hands. So suggest away!

I was lucky enough to win a give away from the lovely Liz over at Bowerbirdz. And it was waiting for me when I got home tonight. Which was very exciting. My package was of some totally gorgeous vintage flower style buttons. All very pretty and great colours. I'm itching to get something going to highlight there beauty, but I'm just so tuckered out at the moment after going back to work. I'm hoping to get alot done this weekend. I want to at least baste the quilt top that I started many moons ago. It's all Japanese craft fabric, and I'm not really seeing it anywhere in my house. But I think that it'd be some nice practice at least. I'm still not really getting the hang of cutting everything exactly the same size. So it might be a little skewed. I've actually just now had the idea of a Christmas giveaway, for someone who's house decor it might work better with. That gives me a good time constraint too!

Well, enough yabbering for now :)


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