10 October 2008

First Week Gone Already

My first week of Holidays is over already! How sad.
I've just gotten back from a few days in Lorne, and it was lovely! The weather really put on a good show. Not quite warm enough for swimming, but great just the same. We spent most of the time just wandering the main street and eating. Nice!

One of the best things while we were away was my awesome Oppy find!!!!
It's the best, an excellent vintage sewing box. It just makes me want to buy lots and lots of different cottons. One for every spool! The views were pretty good too ;)

This next week I plan on getting a lot of crafting in, hoping on some improvements overall. And, I also the have the very bold plan of getting all the things done that we didn't have time for when we moved here 6 months ago. A place for everything, and everything in its place! But lets be honest, I'll probably just lie in bed and watch DVD's.

On another note, IKEA cannot beat me! I've just finally finished putting together the most unnecessarily complicated little set of drawers. I just had to have it, they'd put a little sewing display up in IKEA and the drawers had little letter stickers on them. Just too cute!

Hopefully I'll have lots of good updates in the next few days!

- Jemma

{Ed. Did I mention the box was $4?}

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