07 October 2008

Brown Owls and Holidays

I've already had a largish gap in posting, oh no!

Last night I went to my first ever Brown Owls meeting! It was awesome fun, I had my first experience with embroidery and it went very well I think. We made a little sausage dog CD envelope and I love it.

As of yesterday I am on Holidays from work for 2 weeks, and I'm mega excited. I haven't had a break in over a year. So this is very nice. I celebrated my first day by going to 8 (!) various patchwork shops in the Hills around where I live with my sister and mum. It was a great if very very tiring day.

Since Jess is only here from Sydney for a few days we're making the most of it, so today we're getting back into it and going to Amitie, Patchwork on Central AND Ikea. I'm tired just thinking about it.

I've just now put myself down to join "This is..." and I'll also hopefully get lots of crafting done next week. So expect some good photos.

I'm off to Lorne tomorrow for a few day, so wish me luck with some nice weather!

- Jemma


fi said...

what cute puppies! enjoy amitie, heaven on earth:)

The Crafty Librarian said...

Love your vintage sewing box! Tag! You've been tagged in the '6 Unique Things' game. Have fun!