18 October 2008

A quick clutch

I whipped up this little baby last night to take out. Once again it's the pattern from Bend the Rules Sewing, just altered to make it how i wanted!

I wanted to reinforce it a bit so it would be easier to hold, so I popped in the piece of plastic that comes at the bottom of those green enviro bags. Worked a treat! It's nice and bendy, but sturdy too! I'm thinking about taking the ric rac off and putting in some plain white cord though. I think that maybe there's a little too much going on?

I got loads of compliments on it though. One of my friends even asked me to make her one. As her 21st present! That's an easy, fun and cheap solution to the problems I have with choosing good presents for people that aren't my mum or sister.

I've been busy with a big project recently. But sadly, it's a secret one. So no posts about it till after Christmas! But it's a doozy, I promise.

Hope you're enjoying the nice weather if you're here in Victoria!

- Jemma

(Please excuse my chubbo arm and smelly looking t shirt. I wanted to give a good size reference!)

1 comment:

The Crafty Librarian said...

You can make me one as well! Cute!