11 January 2009

Trash and Treasure

I went to the Wantirna Trash and Treasure for the first time in ages this morning.

Boy did it pay of, I thought that these were so beautiful that I just had to share them!!
The two smaller ones with the cream lid don't seem like they've ever been used before, and the bigger blue on was just a little dirty. But in awesome condition.

I'm actually replacing my current saucepans with these, they were just crappy kmart ones and these are such nice quality that I just can't say no to them! Damien thought they were for show, he was surprised. Though he admits now that they're very nice quality.

Pretty, no?



The Crafty Librarian said...

LOVE the green ones!

Alana Jo said...

Oh those are great. I love both sets! I wish we had places like that around here.

CurlyPops said...

Oh wow, they are absolutely amazing! Great find.

THE ESSESS said...

Yes an amazing find!!! Goota Love Trash N Treasure markets!!